Thursday, July 25, 2013

The last ride.......til next year....104.04 mile on this trip!

We are wrapping up our trip here and I decided to head out for just one last ride. As usual I rode super early so I can max ride time which is totally fine with me. I went to see turbo the night before which was amazingly good movie by the way, but left me shutting my eyes by almost 1am. But don't worry cause when 5am rang on my phone my eyes popped open and I felt pretty good. Five minutes later I was at the car and loading it up and headed north on a 40 minute drive in the dark with a mighty full moon, great stuff!

Arrive at the trailhead and waited for my good homie Brent to arrive and spend the two hours he had to ride with me and then I would ride whatever else I wanted to as long as I left at a decent time. Light and Brent finally arrived and off we went up the trail with a smile on my face and a nice cool morning. It sure has been great to be able to do rides this trip with my homie and look forward to when we move back so we can do it more often. Since we had two hours I picked a route that would get us on some less traveled trails along with the favorites. As I rounded a corner on the climb I just had to stop and take a picture of the moon over by the hill which was nifty. We cranked up Shoreline to potato hill which turned out to be a great climb ending on clarks at the top. I stormed down the rush trail which has now been put on my favorite down hill route at corner canyon due to the fun rollers and high speed flow. After we completed that fun, it was a crank back up the to top on clarks. When at the top we took brocks to canyon hollow which had a few uphill riders at the top but then we got it to ourselves. We hit the lot after a nice long amount of fun and I was pretty bummed to have to say goodbye but know we will ride again soon when he comes to visit September. This time it will be on the complicated tough trails of CT. Bye the way riding has been tremendously easy, despite climbing 3-4 thousand feet a ride trails are at a good grade that makes it pretty easy for me luckily. Check out this sweet ride I found in the parking lot, lots of Utah love.

So I was off on my own heading back up after already putting 2,000ft on my legs I powered back up from the car to potato hill and then onto Ann's which turned out to be so nice, still always continuing uphill at all times.

Seems every trail I have ever ridden in Utah always goes up never flat or down. Fine by me cause as long as it is a good grade the down hill is just all the more magnificent. I really love this trail system, kudos to the town of Draper for using the tax payers money for the public!

I really enjoyed ann's as I wrapped around canyon to canyon. Once I hit maple hollow trail I knew I was getting on the home stretch.

I arrived at the top of my ride where I would then make my way down to the maple hollow down hill trail. The way to the beginning of the trail was really beat up, extremely choppy from bike bikes bombing hard on the brakes. Once I entered the trail I was slightly disappointed to see it in worse shape than I ever have. It was still great to be tearing down that hill though. As I got further down it got better, found a good set of table tops and finally felt pretty good at guessing landings on the new jumps. Saw a wall ride and went for it, have not done one before, good success as I did the math on the fly with angle and speed. Had to take a pic after I rode it for evidence I guess. Continued on and had to pass on a few features since I had no time to spot the stuff and hike back up so I hit what I knew. The DH ride was over too quick, but I was out of time and had done some 4,000ish climbing and 22 miles. I hit my goal, rode over 100 miles this trip! I was pretty pumped to ride at all this trip and my wife was extremely understanding and I managed to workout 6 varied rides! What a trip, can't wait to move back. I had to pass on a few rides I have been dreaming about but that will be for later right!

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