Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Three Forks

So Three forks is a pretty sweet ride up Spanish Fork Canyon, I have ridden it 2 times before. It is also probably the closest ride since it is 35 minutes from the house. I was set on a mission to repair my broken spirit from the last ride and this certainly did! My wife has been so great at finding time for me to get out and pedal which has been great but also I feel terrible how my addiction gets out of control on a regular basis. With that said I got a comfy start at 9 or so and crossed Cottonwood Creek and began climbing as it usually goes here. The Canyon was nice and cool and a little breeze for what was certainly going to be a hot day! The climbing was a little steeper than I remember but that was not going to stop this freaking guy. Again motos made they're way down this trail but it is not a big deal since they did not do too much damage. I was really surprised to see bike tires is the dusty dirt, definitely a first and somewhat comforting since the canyon has a very creepy feeling like a Bear or MT Lion could be waiting to snack on you. It was so nice on the twisty single track, this place has really good character and you would understand if you ever rode it. There is one downside, there is a pretty big paved road connection to the top of fifth water. If you have time and legs this can be avoided by just crossing the road and continuing uphill into a mega ride. But I was pulling off a two hour ride so that meant a pretty hefty 5 mile ride on a paved road that rarely sees a car. A trail could run near the road and really make it a perfect ride but I am sure there is a reason why some one has not done it. It took longer than expected and after climbing and descending some big paved hills you arrive at the fifth water where you drop into one sweet down hill. Was a solid 25 minute down hill and I was bummed as I did not have time to stop and bathe in the hot springs. Got to the car just over two hours and so stoked to have my comeback from the previous ride. Good stuff!
Three forks loop w rays rd at EveryTrail
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