Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crandall Power Hour

So my lady is on her final week of Uconn summer block, so when the baby goes to bed at about 7 that is when I get out and shred the gnar. Thunderstorms were threatening the evening ride but I went out anyway armed with a doppler radar on my phone and a familiar looking Golden Doodle. I chose Crandalls for the ride and it did not disappoint. I have finally got my company's lease vehicle back and finally setup the bike rack on it instead of throwing it in the car. This was long over due, Bentley is not normally excited about sharing the back with a bike. It has been too long since Bentley had joined me on a ride, I take him to Crandalls especially since there is low vegetation. I was pedaling mighty strong the stars were aligned and we were having a good time. When I got to a split which brought me out to the furthest trail section I heard a rumble above so I took that was a warning to head back or stay close to car. No biggy so I set off Intestine to zig/zag. Heard another grumble above and I set off down the TVA trail which I have been dying to ride down since I always commute it on the way uphill. It was as fun as I expected, really my two favorite trails there, TVA and zig/zag. It was getting darker and the radar showed some threats so I tucked my tail and headed for the car as it began to lightly rain and then heavily rain. What a great ride, mosquitoes were present but not overwhelming, the trail was nice and dry. Only got an hour ride but I will take an hour everyday anytime!

Hour ride into the rain crandall

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