Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mt. Timpanogos Hike

There are not many other hikes that I have been on that give you as good as bang for the buck as this trail. I was planned for a morning mountain bike ride but decided to take to my own two feet with my new buddy Rick. He picked me up at 6am and we were off on a long drive to the trailhead. I had to be back in the valley by 12:00 to meet LuAnn and Landon at the recreation center where we would swim in the pools and water slides. We were cranking up the trail at a good speed and had plenty of shade and nice cool temperature. Don't let that guys age fool you he is an avid road biker and is in good shape. We came to the last bit before Emerald Lake and I was pretty disapointed that we would not make the lake. We took in some peanut butter jelly sandwiches and admired the beauty of the area. Wild flowers were pretty prime, they really made my pictures look all the better. We got down in two hours making a little over a four hour hike and then it was off to the pool. Spectacular hike, I have done it 3 other times and never was one as good as this one. With more time I have got to summit that dang thing one of these days. I did not mind at all that I did not ride cause it was a good change of pace. Hit Scout falls on the way down and got under what little water was flowing off it and it felt might great! Not a bad way to spend a morning. Hike down timp at EveryTrail
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