Saturday, July 20, 2013


Running behind on my blog but wow on tuesday, we finally got to try Zip Lining, surprisingly I had never done it before so that left me and my wife's Uncle Rick and I the fresh meat for the zip line. We got all trained up and then we were off in the gondola up to mid mountain where there were two zip lines one smaller one and one large one. LuAnn rode the zip line with ease and it was pretty fun getting to experience racing down the line with here right next to me. She beat me pretty bad on the first ride. Once we took our ride on that one me and Rick were off to the large one, when we got to see what we were up against we both nearly crapped ourselves. After watching everyone go we were dead last and set off and with hesitation and complete reliance of the equipment. I guess the zip line was 2111 feet and extremely high up as it spans the canyon, at the midway I must have been flying over 800ft dangling from a cable. It was by far more scary than any other Amusement ride I ever experienced. After that we met back with LuAnn and did another ride comfortably on the smaller zip line. It was a great day up there, it was slightly difficult watching riders taking runs down the mountain bike park trails but I know I will be getting me some soon. Way fun!

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