Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The 7:00 pm rides are successful so far, since the baby goes down at that time that give me from then to daylight leaves. Which is usually a good 90 minute run or longer. I was looking for more ride time so I chose to ride Hale, I am hesitant to ride Hale lately since I ride it so much and have actually grown bored if it a little I must say. I chose a quick route with the least amount of work I suppose, it was slightly cooler out which is extremely welcomed. As usual equipped with one gear and no suspension I was cranking away out there. It was a pretty un eventful ride I suppose, things went great and trails were in great shape. Actually there are some areas that are very very grown in, and not just tall weeds I'm talking over you head can't see any of the trail kind of stuff. For some reason every one of these sections is littered with thorn bushes..........grrrrrrr. Not only do they cut me but they also really irritate my skin, yesterday I found running water on the arms helped which was a genius invention. As I write this the clouds are thundering, we shall see if I can pull off another ride here tonight. Oh my gosh so amped for Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flat n fast at EveryTrail
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