Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gay City Skeeter Festival

The rainy weather has finally subsided and while it's nice to not have the rain there are other uncomfortable things going on but not much I can do right. I wiggled some free time and got a shot at a 90 minute pedal and with plenty of options I went for Gay City so I could be lazy and have a mellow pedal. Setting off on red I took an old trail I use to ride with the Thursday night group rides and was pretty stoked since it had been a good 2 years since I last rode it. Nothing too great just another plain old CT trail. I then climbed Ribbon in the opposing direction which always takes longer than it should seemingly. By the end of the Ribbon the mosquitoes were really hammering down on me, a good 10 of them just hovered in front of my face as I pedaled as fast as I could at all time to ride them from me. Those little jerks can fly pretty well, I was covered in OFF so I did not receive bites luckily but they were obnoxious the whole ride. It was nice cruising down the path at the end of Ribbon but I did not loose them for very long. By now I was soaked in my own sweat and just wanting this ride over. Got my good workout and had to race to get into the car as they lit me up as soon as I got there. Grrrrr you little !$$#&* I hate mosquitoes so much. I hate these riding conditions I truly do, but it is what it is. Soon falle will come and it will cool. I miss those days going out and being perfectly happy it was 32 degrees. Either way great ride, still wondering how to condition myself off big mountain Utah rides. Do I give a good rest before I leave for Utah, do I just ride normally. I think I find that I ride more stellar after a 5-7 day rest, but who wants to do that. Maybe I can get some input from here or just google that Biatch. I am sure some XC weenies should know. Ride on suckas!
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