Monday, July 1, 2013

Saturday Bliss

LuAnn was gone most the day and I was anxiously awaiting her arrival home so I could sneak out and get some trail time. She got home later than expected but in my annoying obsession with riding I still was anticipating a ride. So reluctantly I headed out with the blessing of my loving understanding wife. The day had cleared up and became really nice. I got pedaling at Mansfield Hollow all set to finally complete the big loop cleanly. It felt outstanding on trail, the conditions were prime despite being still hot. It was a little after 6 and off I went with strong legs after a decent ride week. Again mosquitoes were pretty bad but I was able to keep moving fast enough for them not to attack. I hit the river and was happy to fine the trail still alive so I could avoid the tick filled meadows. Up Stoned Hill and happy to not come across anyone on blue. Over into Schoolhouse brook and a quick pedal was had all the way to Puddin Ln. What a great ride, it came to 1.50hr and there are many other ride lengthening choices from there. Prettty pumped toi have finally navigated my way through on a success loop. I Love Mansfield Hollow, it lacks a lot of technical and that is what i like most about it, as lame as that sounds, most trails around here can be overloaded with technical that a smooth fast pace ride is all I want sometimes. Less than two weeks to Utah, looks like I am shipping my bike out there tomorrow, hope the Tanuki arrives unscathed. Forecast looks like poop for this week but weekend looking great so let's see what riding happens.
Clean hollow brook loop at EveryTrail
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