Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pay Day

Most in the East know it has been a tough week with two major storms dumping plenty of rain on the land. After hearing Friday the trails were in fine shape I decided to go out and see what I could find. I chose Hollow since I was still trying to complete the bigger loop and honing my navigating on the task at hand. So I set off hesitantly with the idea in my mind if I was going to leave a footprint I would not ride. So shortly into the ride I was amazed how fine the trails were. Just moist, no mud, when I got down to the water line of Mansfield Lake, the trail that dips up and down by the waters edge was flooded. I am talking under 2-3 feet of water flooded. With not much of an idea what to do I walked the hillside a ways up and avoided the flooded 100ft section. I was now back on trail but knew there were more pieces that would be flooded. The trail once again was in totally fine shape! I was pumped to be riding, it felt good in my head, my fitness on the other hand sucked. I was slow as could be and was hating it had been 8 days since my last ride........ I carried on and found another flooded section so I headed up the paved main road and bypassed it all together and got on the high road and chugged on. I made my way up that big ol hill, needs a name by the way, let's call it Stoned Hill. I walked some, that was the first time in awhile I had to hop off on that strenuous hill. Being I was on SS I found it was ok. Onwards after the summit to cross the road and into Schoolhouse Brook. Trails here had more running water which was no big deal since things were so rocky and gravel that there was no mud to be found. I finally rode the last section of blue and got the loop almost complete with having to make detours. I guess I will just have to get back there when she drains to officially kill it.

Hollowbrook 3rd with water detours

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