Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mansfield Hollow to School House Brook

Got out a screaming fast pedal at the Hollow. I was determined to loop the two parks again with a little more finesse after seeing a trail map of the joint. Also I was going to add in a section I could see on strava map that a mountain biker had rode. So I set off and stayed on orange instead of unmarked single track and found is a much easier pedal but lacked the views of the lake. I was ripping hard and body and bike were in fine tune as I made it to the river in like 30 minutes! Climbed the big ol hill and across the road I was in School House Brook where I began to feel a few rain drops. It was really dark by now and even though it was a little after 7:00 the lush green canopy made it hard to see. A little while down the trail it started to rain a little more. I was still en route and making good time to Wolf Rock. I rode quite a ways on the road due to seeing a poor marked rock but no big deal. I have never been to Wolf Rock but it offered a nice view of the valley. By now the rain was coming down good and I had no interest in lengthening the ride. So I got off blue and headed on a trail where I had a feeling would get me near Mountain Rd. Turns out I nailed it perfect and rode to the car as it began to rain harder and hit the car. Super good ride, really smooth and fast, probably the fastest 13.2 miles I have rode in less than two hours. There is still room for more miles since I take direct routes. I can't wait to get back and do more what a fun fast loop!

Hollow to brook 2nd loop exp.

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