Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back Home

It was crazy to feel so cool when we got back to Utah, it made me even think of how fall is just around the corner. Compared to Phoenix, my soon to be new home, Utah was nothing! On Monday I was ready to get back at it, I was headed for Park City to get my early morning ride on. It was a beautiful cool morning as I started my climb from Park City Resort onto the Armstrong trail. It was dark enough that I needed a light for the first 20 minutes of the ride, a reminder that soon many of my rides will start and end in darkness. The sun rose slowly on the horizon as I climbed offering more light and little sunshine. It was until I connected with Mid Mountain that the fireball was glowing and so was myself as I was absolutely loving riding my bike on this particular morning. I rode Mid Mountain Norhtbound to make a loop around Iron Mountain, I would do this via Iron Man, the loop around was much longer than I anticipated but much better than I hoped. Many new lifts are in to connect Park City Resort to Canyons Resort this winter, looking forward to that as winter approaches. After closing out the loop I stayed on Mid Mountain and rode until I found John's Trail. A trail I have not ridden but looked fun as it zig zagged down the mountain. As I climbed a steep stretch it finally went downhill into a very tight very winding trail, no speed to carry here among roots and many turns. The trail eventually split and I bailed on a easier route to loose moose. Incredible morning at Park City, sad to say it will be my last season riding there for a long time, it looks like were moving to Arizona in March!

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