Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Park City Mash

   Oh how I do enjoy riding up in Park City, I armed myself early morning with the full suspension and was set with a big climb from the bottom of Deer Valley up to some good DH trails. Tidal wave to be exact. I climbed slowly and tiredly but just kept going as I went up Deer Crest, Mid Mountain, Team Big Bear and the the terrain mellowed into a special spot right at the end of Flagstaff. The place is stunning along the Aspens as it opens into a huge meadow. From there I found Tidal Wave, I was out of time to ride the entire thing so I saw the large tables and got pretty excited. I dropped in and holy crap was I in for a treat. Really nicely built jump after jump, incredibly wide deep and long berms. Smooth liked step ups one after the other, this was fun! It ended too soon onto Homeward bound which sucked. Then I made my way down to the car somewhat the way I came unfortunately. Can't wait to get back!

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