Monday, August 3, 2015


       A ride was in order Wednesday night and off I went with my brand new bike rack! I picked up a Thule Vortex after the incident and am loving the new rack. It was extremely long overdue and felt really good to have something reliable for my bikes now. I was troubled with picking a ride but found myself in my car trying to figure out where to go, some friends from back East were driving in and I wanted to be home in time. I ended up in the Dimple Dell parking lot with all the cowboys and their horses. As I pedaled up the mulch trail I questioned my choice, I usually ride the dull mulch road in the darkness of morning to the Little Cottonwood Quarry trail, but this time I was in the light of day finding it extremely dull. I still was not feeling great, some part of my return from vacation left me feeling 50% at best, low energy and sore throat, ruptured oozing ear drum. I have ridden better days for sure but I just kept at it. Midway up the quarry trail I really about had it, I chose to bail at the bridge 90% of the way up. Disappointed in myself but still put out a big ride none the less. I was so lazy I even rode the mulch road back down to avoid the sand I usually take to make a cleaner loop. Another lackluster ride but still a ride and that counts in my book!

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