Sunday, August 30, 2015

Catching up with an old friend

Woke up early on this morning, as usual..... I was headed for Millcreek Canyon to pedal Big Water up to the Wasatch Crest and then some. As I began pedaling I got winded pretty quick, the trail is very buff, a good pitch and most the ride through Alpine Meadows and thick pine hillside. I love this ride, I always have, I am so mad at myself for not riding it earlier, it's a delight in the Spring, I remember it being one of the most lush areas in the state in the Spring. Pedaling with a smile glad on my face I was a happy guy, I had a good loop planned out as I climbed for and hour and reached the turnoff for Desolation Lake. I had time and debated to continue on the Wasatch Crest but with time in mind I played it safe and dropped into a fun downhill to the Dog Lake Connector. It was a nice hike a bike from there for a 1/2 mile, actually a pleasurable hike a bike really. Once at Dog Lake I snapped a pic and headed down Little Water to meet back up with Big water and climb part of the trail I had earlier. Then a turn on the Red Pine DH. A trail I have never rode before, I am not sure how long it has been there but I really enjoyed it, a straight forward narrow line down the canyon to the car. Such a great ride, I will be coming back soon for more of this before the season ends.

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