Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flying Doggy

      A day for a double ride, I was debating between on big ride but as I was pedaling I came up with the idea to check out another nearby trail system I have never touched. I started on 24-7 trail in Jeremy Ranch, a trail I have never rode as I normally stick with the normal and start over in Glenwild. The trail kicked my trash in the beginning, it started off on a kick and really got my heart going quick, it mellowed out soon as I climbed happily to the Preserve junction and rode that trail which I never have. This allowed me to ride a trail I normally rid e clockwise to ride it the other direction. A very good idea as the change of scenery and trail were spectacular. I found myself at the top of Flying dog with good timing and a nice long DH I was stoked. As I was shredding I came across my first Elk I have seen in Utah. Shortly after that I heard and elk call as I stopped and listened for more. Cool animals and have seen them once in Wyoming. Onwards with a real nice ride to the car.

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