Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As usual a really great ride this morning. I met with Colin as normal and got cranking by 6am. Things were nice and damp, the dirt was tacky from the moisture and the surrounding leaves weighed heavy in cool splashes of water as they hit me everywhere. The legs were nice and fresh and strong as we got into Hale. We rode some real fast stuff on the way in that I just didn’t want to end. Then the inevitable climbing up to the high spot, then a few attempts but got the log ride. It was nice and cool but still I was pouring sweat and every wet limb I hit offered little but some refreshment. Hit 40 bumps and had an absolute crap show as usual…… one day……Ended that ride after 8 miles of good stuff. Hope the weather holds tomorrow should be able to get a ride in on my day off. Heading to Utah at the end of the month!!!!!! So excited!!!! Time to bike whore!!!!!!

Hale am goods

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