Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made It Yo!!!!

Long day that started at 7:30am and just ended at 10:30pm.........What can I say, it's great to be in Utah again, wish it was a permanent move back and not just a visit as usual. I am so happy to see those towering peaks over the valley once more, they stand majestic as ever. My great Brother in law picked up a bike rental for me from his school and since they were out of full suspension I ended up with a brand new Trek 29r. I must say the thing is brand new and I am very nervous since I am use to bombing down the DH runs here in Utah. I guess it will make me slower on the descents but lighting on the ascents. I know I am going to fly on this thing and can't wait since I should be doing 100+ miles here. I am riding tomorrow morning and every chance I can possibly get as my loving wife can stand. I think a 20 miler on the Blackhawk trail will be a good place to start.

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