Thursday, July 19, 2012

Can you say EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must say as I see our little guy taking up more and more space in LuAnn's belly I am going nuts with excitement with his appearance! I am obviously really excited to hope he will enjoy doing some many things with me such as Mountain Biking. I have also told myself that I have to understand if he may not be interested in the same things I love to do as well. A few products I have already begun to look at are the trail around bikes and carriers. These things are fricken expensive and I can see buying a trail a bike since it can get him right on the trail for longer rides with me and experience the full effect as he grows into his legs. I think this and a strider bike will be the first two steps into getting him on trail and having fun. Weehoo I-Go Pro- Pretty awesome ride would work great between his strider bike and when he gets ready to pedal. $400
The popular Strider bike in action! $100

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