Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Hike

We found ourselves headed to Provo on monday morning, LuAnn's mom wanted to go up to the Y on the hillside which stands for BYU which is a college nearby. It was laid by some people way back when and consists of cement that gets white washed and is a popular hike. Looking at it, it doesn't look far from the parking lot, but beware this was only a mile but it was steep. As we left the parking lot all three of our heart rates spiked, oh wait all four of our hearts, the little guy! Despite the fierce incline, LuAnn and Mom were relentless and we made our way steadily. After 10 switchbacks of very steep trail with no flat, we arrived at the bottom of the Y in an hour. The view was fantastic of the valley, Utah Lake looked especially appetizing and we took a seat and took it in. At the top I could not get over how steep it was and knew it was going to be a thigh burner while trying to hit the brakes all the way down. Everyone did a great job and as we made our way down annoyingly trying to keep from falling backwards and pumping the brakes. It was a great hike with LuAnn and Mom and they did a great job.

Y hike

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