Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Tuesday morning ride kicked off luckily after a 4 day riding break. I have been wanting to ride a lot lately but having trouble making the time for it. I keep falling short on my hopeful 4 day ride week and might be making 3 rides a week. Monday after work I was all hyped up and a few minutes into the ride I got an emergency phone call from LuAnn that Bowie our smallest doggy had a very red belly and bright red armpit and had some kind of allergic reaction. Since he was swelled like a balloon in minutes from other allergic reactions that were potentially life threatening she had me worried. SO I turned around and headed home and was not too worried when I came home to see him. I canceled the emergency Vet visit which started with a $150 fee just to show up thankfully. That night I planned on getting some good rest but wasn't too shocked when I woke 2:30 to Bowie scratching and not at ease. He moved all over the bed and onto the floor and basically stood around as I couldn't sleep. I was sure I was going to cancel my ride that started at 6 but after 3ish hours of sleep I showed up ready to go. Feeling ok I was not about to scrap the ride we pedaled and once warmed up it was like any other morning. The Punisher trail was chosen and worked the SS so hard for 45 minutes. I kept getting those big wheels going where I didn't want them too which got annoying as it sent me to my feet all the time. Passed a big somewhat down tree, unbelievable how many branches were going every which way supporting it. Onward and after 90 minutes we made a little 7 miles of trail. Tried to ride twice since but keep getting denied by weather but tonight I think I can pull off a ride! One week from today I will be tearing up Utah can't fricken wait!

Pun intended

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