Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Day to 29er

Really liking my time spent back on the raleigh, I guess this will be my last time I will bring it up. I will certainly keep my shimano chain and surly cog setup for as long as I own a SS cause it is so nice. I did the standard loop at hale since I always try to do anything but that. I try to make new loops all the time so I put my mind at ease and just went standard. Still pulling ticks off every ride, I really miss not having Bentley on trail, stinks to bring him out and have to treasure hunt him when I get home pulling multiple buggers off. It was a great ride, not the coolest but not very hot either which worked. Came across some ferocious Dogsons and a Yorkie and their owners surprisingly in the woods at 8am.....I am not ready to go back to riding my full suspension bikes anytime soon!

Hale standard issue

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