Thursday, July 19, 2012

Got a great start and the weather was shining and the trails were thrilled with the good soak from the rain the last two days. Luckily the weather mellowed out in the afternoon and brought the sun out. With the mayhem that happened yesterday no evidence was present. I have been really craving a ride and I got exactly what I was looking for. I was cranking hard on the bike and it felt great doing it, was feeling like I had the Redbull wings without the Redbull. I had the loop from last weeks ride in mind which rode the brand new trail at the south end of Case and then over to the Ribbon trail at Gay City. The bars were creeking extra loud this ride and sure enough the bars slipped and was surprised the top bolt was loose.....into the bag for the third time and got them adjusted just right again. Cranked like mad to try to get this ride done in 2 hours. Crossed the street and being out there on the bike was feeling just so perfect and refreshing. Rode the ribbon enjoyed it thoroughly and pissed at myself for not partaking of it more. Back up to the road and took my time and took in the sweet scents that the woods were putting out. I am not sure what exactly it is but it's a sweet sweet smell that I usually smell at some point that always screams sumer every year. It really was a picture perfect afternoon and life was quite good. Ran down Tinti fast and then another short pedal and another downhill and I was at the car 10 minutes ahead of schedule! Let's ride tomorrow am before work, fingers crossed. This loops needs a really cool name cause it rocks the house.......

Smells like summer

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