Thursday, July 5, 2012

Great stuff yesterday! My wife wanted to ride bikes on the rail trail; at first I was very hesitant since I do not want to endanger either one of them during this vital time for momma and baby. But I did know that it would be good exercise for her and it would be nice to get out on a mellow stroll after a feast that occurred that afternoon at the cheesecake factory. After reading mixed reviews about biking and surprised how many women mountain bike pregnant we saw little harm form a paved smooth gravel rail trail. We pedaled for a good 4 miles and headed back. It was an hour of rail trail that was greatly enjoyed. I was on the SS and it felt great, for the first time the drive train feels amazingly smooth! Those guys must have known the right chain or something cause that with the new cog it is really butter. I have yet to take it to the trails but looking forward to it. I had a great time out there the three of us; the little man proceeded to let us know he had a good day as well with plenty of movements I felt. Oh yea also after installing the hitch and wiring harness a few weeks ago, I put the hitch rack in for the first time and am in love with it. Not the newest rack but was FREE! Still have yet to see a firework other than on television last night……

Rail trail 3 of us

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