Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Awoke, it was dark, felt more awake than I have in a while at 5:30am. Rolled out of bed, fed the dogs, took them out, watched 10 minutes of TV, filled the water bladder in my bike bag and off I went. It was not as cool as I was hoping to be, but it was still a big difference from previous weeks. Followed Colin into the woods and with overcast skies it was very dark with change of the seasons. My eyes adjusted best they could allowing me to make out most the terrain in front of me but not all. I felt good and so did the bike as I tried to keep up with Colin. He makes me look like beater out there but I am glad to join him on these great morning rides. Rode Bipolar backwards which was a nice mix up and once again a great new loop at Hale was performed. Not sure when more riding will take place but glad I got one in so far. Love my life

A dark mornin hale

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