Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday Tuesday

Lacking on the blog a lot these days so I am going to do this better late than never. I ran on Monday for the last time in NY and it punished me on my decision to ride my bike later that day. Just like last week I found myself happy go lucky and ready to ride and then found out the body just was not having it. I got off at a decent start at Grayville and it quickly fell on my face as I began to climb. It was stinking hot out and the mosquitoes were molesting me on every pedal stroke which was helping nothing. After an hour I called the quits and headed out soaked but got a good 6 miles in on top of the run I did that day so it was ok. Got home and went to Uconn with LuAnn and let the dogs run around. Fun stuff!

Grayville bites swamp

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Airline State Park I finally pulled off a Monday morning ride and as Monday did not put up a very good appearance. But as always I would rather be out there biking as being a lazy shmuck. Got a good 90 minutes of trail, I was chasing Colin around as he tore up the trail with me in tail. BB7’s are rubbing and sooo annoying no matter how much adjustments I make, please but me new Hydros I and done with cable brakes.

Hale am

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