Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To basics

Wow what a nice day today, what a way to compliment it by a ride after work. I got done with work early and decided to get over to Case and do a loop into Gay City. I was hesitant last night when I packed the 29r but it turned out it was a great decision. At first it felt funny but after a little bit it just felt fast. As I entered the woods I quickly remembered this place got torn apart a few weeks ago from a storm. I could not believe how many limbs were down, including a massive one right at the reservoir. This time last year we had just moved into the house we are in now after the hurricane hit and left us without power for a week. It was a steep reminder seeing the limbs down and I am thankful we are not in the same mess. Anyway on with the ride, things were going good and I was covering ground and made it across the street. I really love that trail on the Gay City side, I think it's called Ribbon, anyway great stuff! By now I knew I was past the 1/2 way mark and was feeling mighty good. Soon on the Tinti and then back at the car. For me I was surprised to see 12.40 miles in an hour forty five, must be the quickest I have done that loop and now would easily be the tour I would give to a Case stranger. Really love my rigid SS, I look forward to using it tomorrow sometime.

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