Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More of Tyler Mill

Hit some traffic on the way home from work monday right as I started the commute. Got through that and then hit another mess and then jumped off the highway and hit the closes spot to bike which was Tyler Mill. I was juggling the doppler radar on my phone and wanted to ride as soon as possible cause you know I am a bike whore and needed my fix. Got out of the car and puddles from the rain a few hours earlier worried me but when I did hit trail it was nice and moist with no mud. I rode some trail that probably sees more foot traffic than bike and just tried to figure more of this place out. Made my way to the north end of the park and eneded up in a field and had a real good moment there and took in the great site it was. The onto a rugged orange trail which had some hike a bike but it lead to a awesome spine that was a very nice challenge. Found a purple trail which turned out to be a great find and it rode up and down and twisted like any good bike trail should. It was hot, I was soaked with sweat and remaining water on the leaves slapping me. It was a great ride and finally getting a grip on this place and trying to make it flow better. Wednesday ride can't wait, probably singlespeed and give the dawg a rest. Maybe I will ride that bike I have had for 7 months and ridden less than 10 times. I am sorry but there is nothing like a new bike and I am trying to hold onto that feel. If I won mega millions I would not have this problem so help a brother out.

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