Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stop And Smell The Roses

Life is good, LuAnn and baby are doing so great. We had a great trip to Utah and everything went well and we had fun. The baby is making lots of moves now, not really kicks anymore it's more like him moving tossing and turning inside of his little balloon inside of LuAnn. We are in the third trimester and it hardly shows, the reality of the little man that will one day be in this world with all it's problems and all it's glory is a very nervous but exciting experience. I don't know if it's just me but I have already imagined how great and tough all different stages of his life will be for him and us but look forward to being a whole family and doing the best I can for him together. With that said, I got out on a ride yesterday! I actually went on a run first, this is now my 7th run in NY and this time was 43 seconds past the 6 miles in 60 minute mark that I for some reason set. Running is mixed feelings for me, I hate the pounding my body takes but I like the physical fitness aspects of it. I will only be going to NY one more time next Monday so I have no idea if I will be doing anymore of it since I use the time to kill basically. Got to Case for a 4:45 start and had something in mind to ride and was looking forward to it. It is amazing with the new to me Coop Rd. and new trail start has opened up with ride options. I was back on the rigid and man did it feel funky at first. I loved looking down at the beefy 2.3 tires, the somewhat tight cockpit of the Raleigh felt foreign but worked. I headed for the reservoir and gained some elevation and then climbed to the top of the hillside above the reservoir and shot down the steep quick one. Then around the reservoir and I stopped at the clearing by the rope swing and snapped a picture. Something was up, my heart was racing like mad and I was feeling very fatigued. I felt like I was back in Utah at 10,000 ft. I laid down and ate some cashew bars feeling pretty sick I went flat on my back and enjoyed a relaxing sight into the pines encircling the blue sky. It was a nice sight and felt very very tranquil. I then took off not feeling too great still but determined to get 90 minutes in. Made my way to the top of the brand new trail and then down and really taking my time now going quite slow to not alarm my heart rate. Then to the steel bridge and then up to the top of Tinti to tear down in. Hitting the car I was pretty shot, I decided to call of my Tuesday morning ride cause I felt so cruddy. Very good ride and good to be home :)

Case o loops poops

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