Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Nassahegan Delight

Let me just say that this place is the ultimate riding place I have been to in CT so far and I freaking love it. It has a great mix of trails and most importantly its a pretty smooth hilly place. It's very big and confusing still on my second trip but I was lucky enough to find a GPS track on that I used part of to make a two hour loop. I set off on some trail I remembered from last time and tried to head in the direction where this other guys track was and it took a little work to find what i needed. Luckily I blindly decided to climb a rd that lead close to the track and soon I spotted hidden little trail in the woods and this turned out to be a great moderate uphill route. The trails here are so awesome mostly because they are single track and built my mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Came across a pretty cool sign in the middle of the woods which definitely meant I was on a mountain bikers trail my the miller time sign. Couldn't stop much this ride due to not wanting to get west niled by swarms of mosquitos. Down some stuff with a mix of fire road and then back to single track and across the road to Sessions. A whole different network of trails lie here and it pained to only be able to ride so little of it but I was set on my 12 miles of trail and stuck to it. Across the road and up some rocky wide trail and then a steep descent to another road and the uphill pavement to the car. This place rocks, its so fricken good it's ridiculous. Cant's wait to get back and tear it up more. Made four rides this week great success!

2nd nass/sessions

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