Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday At The Reservoir

So sweet, got one after work on thursday. I was in the fancy area of Farmington and Canton area and found myself with a bike in the car and minutes from West Hartford Reservoir trails. I had the Dawg in the car and was hesitant about using the older of my three bikes but little did I know how much fun it was going to be. All this stuff about 29" wheels I am believing to be bogus. I loved being back on the 26" with some beefy tires and full suspension, the cockpit felt tight compared to the last two 29" I have been on, but pedaling was efficient and it was a great time. I rode clockwise around the reservoir and managed to still find sections I have not yet hit on the high side. After a little over an hour I was back in the area of the car and added some more miles to finish up after two hours riding. Was really good ride over there, the temperatures were especially pleasing in the mid 70's.

West hartford grown cool

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