Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday Group

Derek got a wednesday ride on the so it was game on for a ride. It was a 6:00 start but I was able to get a few miles in before the ride which is always great. It felt very good on the bike hitting the trails, more than normal. I questioned continuing a ride by myself but decided to follow these fellas. Got a little late start with them but we were off onto the other side of the road raising heck. Everyone was in a fast fury of pedaling and quickly I struggled keeping up. Got a flat and being in the way back nobody knew it so I fixed it and with nobody coming back I was left to fend for myself in the wild wilderness of Hale. I put my headphones on and put together a loop in my mind which turned out to be fantastic. The woods got dark nearing the end, I had no clue where the group ride was and hadn't crossed paths during my ride. Arrived to the cars and found some remainders of the ride and found that it hadn't gone well for some. Especially Derek who broke his fifth metacarpal on wiggle. I was in high spirits and rode home in a mighty fine mood.

Broken crew hale

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