Friday, April 24, 2015

Burning Monday

       Forced my way into a ride when the kiddo finally went down for his nap, I was anxious to hit the trail for a nice 1pm ride in corner canyon. Apparently I was not the only one with the same idea, plenty of other bums out there playing around on the mountain. I had my full suspension since I had not gotten my rear wheel back after popping a spoke. I have been frequenting the bike shop WAY too frequently, I really am capable of many of my own repairs when I have the tools, I have trouble committing to the repairs even if I have the right tools. The bike shop are the dudes that know it better than me and I need my bike to work when I need it to. But this has gotten out of hand, I need to step my game up. Anyway the Bike is feeling great, the new oil and seals make the fork feel completely new and revived. I had to put together a mix of trials to keep this place fresh, again I always fight the ride time with travel time, its so easy to ride corner canyons great trails less than 10 minutes form my house, but my heart does desire new trails and some adventure but time just does not work in my favor. Having a toddler who is primarily my responsibility is a battle but I can't complain if I am riding. I was aiming for high miles and was feeling good as I wrapped around the trails, the hills are green, pollen filling my lungs and eyes and euphoria flowing through my veins. It felt so good out there in the warm sun, perhaps too good as when I arrived home I had a toasty neck and arms. Again I needed to protect my fragile ginger skin but failed to do so.

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