Sunday, April 5, 2015

Desperate Friday Night

       Not really finding a good time to ride without complicating a tough tough week with my toddler, I ran out into the sunset despite support for my ride but I was so desperate. I started at the Orson Smith trailhead offering another mix and a comfy ride up the dirt road as the sun was setting fast. I got to the Quail trail and thought I heard a hissing, I take my headphones out and hear the hissing, not a great start to a planned dump of frustration onto the trails from my week like I had planned. It as holding and i was not going to stop until it made me. About 5 minutes down the trail it sure did stop me, I pulled out a tube and popped the bead and saw the fridge bike shop stuck a tube in there last fall when I asked them to get me back going tubeless. I was pretty annoyed they stuck a tube in there but after a quick change I was back going and on my way up Clarks and losing light quickly. As I crested the top the massive full moon appeared and it was magnificent. I picked Rush and headed pretty lazily down it, as I began to brake they felt funny, they just weren't stopping well, I just waited for them to heat up and maybe that was all. Well then soon I lost lever on the front break, I stopped and realized I had a leak or bubble somewhere, no amount of figuring out would do me any good, the brake was gone. It was pretty manageable for the most part but definitely crapped myself a few times but made it down safe. I then headed for home but would still have a solid 90 minute ride, I was bummed that I had killed the from brake but I was still riding and it could be worse. Riding down to the trailhead was scary, the traction was much more loose on this trail and I sure worked that rear brake and tire as I barely managed my way down safely. I took a look at the front brake at the car and the caliper pissed itself, some sort of seal was compromised and looks like it's off to shimano for warranty. I can't complain too much since no other brake has ever done this to me after a lot of years of riding, did I expect shimano Zee brakes to do it no, but oh well. 

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