Sunday, April 5, 2015

Busy Saturday

          The boy finally napped at 1pm and I was out the door like a rocket with my bike heading towards Corner Canyon. I needed somewhere close as usual and although it was a saturday I was not prepared for the mob that was in the lot. Everyone in the valley was there and in my first mile of trail I saw easily 15 people. Luckily by the time I hit Clarks I was in peace and found it quiet thank goodness. I hate crowds, especially when mountain biking, but this was my time to ride and I would have to just deal with it. The beaters, the endure bros, the racers and then theres me placed somewhere in the mix out on my first ride on the new Kona Tanuki frame. 
       I headed for Eagle Crest since it would be quieter over there, the suspension was a welcome and even though my bike is far from the modern tech I see out there I am happy to have something in the full suspension category. Anyone out there who wants to buy me a Yeti Sb6 size medium feel free please! Anyway I was feeling good and headed for the Maple Hollow Downhill Trail. I was hoping I could have it to myself and dropped in a minute after a lazy ass rider got a shuttle to the top. I was having a good run but definitely reserved since being back on full suspension things felt funny. As I finished the big tables I saw a line of DH bros in full gear even leatt and all. I mean come on, here I am on a 130mm ride hitting every damn thing these fools are without any armor and anyway I cut the line and popped into the berm since I am sure they all were together and were going to be awhile. Further down the trail one of them was catching me, I took the original turn and they took the shortcut that I have no idea why exists but anyway I locked eyes with his blacked out goggles as we were about the hit head on and made it clear I was not moving for him since I was first down the trail and he was taking the "shortcut" for no reason. After winning that battle I caught back up to him and wanted to have a few words with him but decided to keep quiet it wasn't worth it. Crazy how all these bros has solid DH bikes, full carbon etc etc.... and here I am on this damn humble bike, I want a new bike man, I want a new fancy awesome bike! I pedaled back on shoreline and pinned it for the car. Good ride, despite me hating on the other trail users, I am not proud of it but it happens.

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