Monday, April 13, 2015


        Pssshhhhhh, that was the sound I heard after waking up at 5am on Saturday to clock some miles in Corner Canyon before leaving a few hours later for backpacking it certainly was an act of desperation since I knew certainly I would be tired that day and would be worked over by a tough night sleeping in the backcountry. None the less I was happily on my 7th mile and on a good downhill until I heard a loud pshhhh of a plug releasing and spewing stand tube sealant all over the place. I sighed and got the bike upside down and could find no way to get stans sealant to seal it since I lost so much. Damn you tubeless, I hate others for bragging how good it is and I manage to find a way to make it terribly useless. Annoyed but not down I opened my pack and found a 26 inch tube in there, no big deal I threw it in and popped the tire back on and shhhhhh. Are you kidding me, I pull it out find the leak and use my last tube patch, fingers crossed and sweating my luck I fill the tube, shhhhh, CRAP! All out of options, time to walk. Screw it I hop on and ride the tire flat all the way down until I can no longer. Walking rough sections as to not damage my rim. I did not have the time to walk all the way back to that car so I walked and rode level pavement and made the best of it. Pretty annoyed at myself for not having a proper 29 tube that might not have failed but no one to blame but luck and myself. Kind of bummed but happy to find the car after 45 minutes instead of twice that. If toasted the tire who cares.

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