Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesdays 20

       The punk kid fought another day without a nap which in return I end up sneaking out a evening ride in mostly daylight  before the weekend. With him sleeping I ran off to Corner Canyon again and armed myself with my belltown. As I sped into the evening the bike felt absolutely incredible, as it always does. I am absolutely in love with this bike and love the connection it provides me to the earth. I headed onto the shoreline heading north on a speedy dose of foothill single track. It was a bit overcast this evening and was missing that clear sky glow but that was fine, I was riding! Went up Rattler was I was putting a loop in my mind that was aiming for 20 miles and whatever ride time needed to make it happen. Up Canyon Hollow I was making very good time averaging 10 miles and hour. I headed for Suncresta and light faded and on went the light for a fun ride down to Ann's. I debated dropping all the way but opted for that section of shoreline I am not too fond of. This meant a loop around Potato hill to kill a  little time and then headed for the car. I saw I had 10 minutes left and a mile to go so I headed for the new pump track and dirt jumps. When I arrived I was not prepared for the maginitude, they offer a pump track and a 3 level of jump trails. I started small and worked my way into the big jump line, they were too big for my awkward 29" wheels but man I want to go back on a DJ bike. I would love to have a DJ bike to spend time there but as we know i'm lacking funds. I killed the time and managed not to hurt myself and made it to the car with 20 miles in exactly 2 hours! Not bad at all for a Wednesday night before the weather rolls in.

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