Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monday Crank into the sunset

      What an evening for a ride! As usual the boy is going to bed earlier since he is ditching naps which gives us a good part of the evening to enjoy and lately on Monday that gives me a chance to go on a  ride to start the week. We had gotten quite a bit of precipitation this weekend so I was expecting to not be able to ride as much as I could without harming the trails. I headed for Anns since it usually gets a lot of sun and is a nice climb. I took a right after the tunnel onto the neighborhood loop or something named like that I forgot. I have always seen the turnoff for it but never go onto it. It turned out to be a nice little detour that brought me on some trail I have never ever been on in Corner Canyon and I am sure not a lot of others have either. I Passed some stunt trails, not sure how big but it looked very small, maybe a place to bring the little kids? As I climbed back up to Ann's I was glad I checked this trail out that I have been passing for awhile cause it was just dandy. After I got to the fork with Maple Hollow trail there were puddles and some nasty mud, I could see that plenty of buttholes absolutely destroyed the trails there and I of course turned around. I headed back towards the Canyon and rode until I met me quota which as 30 minutes less than usual since I needed not to be home so late for my lady.

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