Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monday Ripper

      Lots of rain this last weekend so I was off looking to not leave a tire print anywhere by Monday. With not much travel time as the normal I reluctantly headed for Little Cottonwood Quarry trail. A good 7 mile out and back solo trail that you will always be sharing with many others. Hitting the parking lot I was lucky to find a spot, plenty of knuckleheads out there enjoying the spring evening. Climbing up the trail I was feeling like I made a mistake as plenty of people coming downhill, plenty of endure bros, racers and beaters. Somewhere I fall in there maybe I am in the all mountain warrior bracket, none the less I was cranking uphill at good speed. I had someone I was chasing for awhile and apparently that helped me break all my personal records. Once reaching the top I turned right around and hit the two off shoot trails. Those sections really call for more travel if you want to carry speed, but really reminds me of my old trails back in CT. I hit the lot and turned back around and told myself to climb back up, it's somewhat hard to gather the desire to climb the same trail out and back twice, but I had time and I wanted miles so cranking I went. Few more users passed my by as I was climbing which was going to leave me with a very quiet descent which would be nice. It was getting dark but I think  could make it without my light. Upon reaching the top this one was going to be a straight run without the turn offs, I set myself on speed mode but was not full throttle. It was a heck of a run down with no one to dodge, I forget how much I love this descent, wide, rocky and good pitch for good speed. I placed well on the leaderboard, really well, not bad in my opinion fora monday.

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