Thursday, May 28, 2015


     Well the weekly ride was on, rain was in the forecast but I should be able to squeeze one in I kept telling myself, your never far from the car on this ride so it's never a big deal. Pedaling I though I might have some worn legs but with the sun kind of out I was feeling in good spirits. The trails were nice and dry and I headed for my normal loop and came across a trail block. It looked pretty unofficial so I pedaled on and came across another, still not convinced there was any reason for it I got my answer when I finished the trail. No clue what is going on but I would call the city when I got a chance. Heading up the Black Ridge as normal, little wet but riding good, dropped down the backside and right before I hit the road I ran into a large obstacle, a new home being built foundation. I looked for a good way around it but the best way was right along the steep edge with body piercing rebar lurking below. Pretty big Uh Oh on the towns behalf but luckily no workers were there so I got thru in peace. Then pavement to the Juniper loop, and back to the car and a good ride.

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