Thursday, May 28, 2015

Park City

      I have been quite anxious to get into the high country, rain has been an event taking place just about every day, sometime s little and sometime alot! Not complaining one bit, I welcome rain with open arms in our dry climate. With that I was gathering intel that trails were looking good up there and I was planning to head for Park City Resort and then changed my mind and went for Flying Dog  which is just down the road. This was going to be an early morning ride, surprise right! Got my crap together at 5am and was on my way. As some light was in the sky I could see showers around the valley, it was not wet at my house but as I drove thru cottonwood heights I got hit with a downpour that lasted a few minutes. I was worried about where and how much it might have rained last night, I stayed on plan and arrived at Glenwild trails where I would start my ride. Good memories up here for sure as I began my pedal on damp trail. Came across a lot of puddles, the trails were much more wet than I thought. I pedaled on and made my way up the mountain on a truly beautiful wet stormy morning. By the time I dropped down into Glenwild I was pretty worn out, I had a bad head cold that had me far from 100% but it was game time and I had to put out. I had planned to add mileage to make it a 20 but a number of things had me content after the car was in sight. I look forward to riding more trails up in Park City, there is an exciting new trail know as WOW trail thats coming which is exciting. But like all things in Park City, they come with crowds and everyone else trying to get theirs, the one bummer about it but with all the trails I can't complain

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