Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Saturday Mehhh

  Saturday morning was looking like it was going to be dry for a part of it, the weather has been wet around here and that's just fine, I am squeezing in rides when I can. This one called for a early wakeup, on trail by 5am I had an ambitious goal of 3 hour ride and lots of miles. That all faded as I climbed up to shoreline south and found soft dirt, I turned around and headed for Rattler and shoreline north. As I rode I realized I would be doing laps and out and backs and wether that was the case or not my heart was leaving the ride. I just didn't feel great, I was happy to be riding but was not in the zone. So I pulled the plug after a short hour of riding and went back home and went back to sleep before the family woke up. Pretty disappointed to have felt this way but I listened to my body and that was probably the right move.

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