Monday, May 11, 2015

One Before the rain

     So thankful Utah has received much rainfall this week, we are a dry state and depend too much on snow melt so when it's a weak snow year it gets dry here real quick. I have dodged rain so far this week with two rides and with promising conditions I would be sneaking one more ride in Friday morning before a big storm would soak the entire weekend. I was Lazy Thursday night and decided not to set an alarm but if I did wake early out the door I would go. I was so glad I felt rested when I opened my eyes and saw 6am and popped out of bed in eager to get a ride in for my healthy three a week. I set sights on Corner Canyon and would not need my bike light wahoo!!!!!! It was aspectacualr morning to say the least, the mountains were soaked in spring bloom, scents filled my nose as I climbed into lush shaded areas. The morning sun lit the landscape in an inspiring way that made me really appreciate my life. No matter where I live I always manage to find this beauty and peace out in the woods, lately my rides are so fast paced I forget to take in how incredible the landscape is. I also forget how awesome spring really is and am enjoying this one as it arrives wrapped in scent and eye candy.
       So I was off riding on a dry route on shoreline playing it safe and found that conditions were very good so I headed up Rattler after an out and back on shoreline. Since Rattler was looking good I crossed Ghost Falls to see how the mid elevation dirt was holding up, turned out to be perfect ncie and tacky. I climbed on in the mindset to summit and then descend, I encountered solitude on the trail and snapped some pics and headed for Ann's. With time running out but 30 minutes to spare I took the quarry connector and up Canyon Hollow to ride some of Rush. I like the lower section of rush much more than the rest of the trail mostly cause one can really gain speed on the lower bits, I mean real speed! That was basically it for me, I missed my 50 mile goal for the week but had three great spring rides after a long weekend backpacking the desert.

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