Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tuesday laps

    Originally I planned on not riding this Tuesday since rains came Monday night and was calling for Tuesday morning showers, but when I woke I saw blue skies and the sun and so I brought the bike for a just in case ride. After dropping Landon off I was off with hoped of good conditions. The trail was moist but not leaving marks so I stayed down low and ran the loop I usually finish my rides with. Horse have done a number to the trail, I hate horse owners I'm sorry. I don't blame the horse at all I blame the lazy cowboys and girls. Shitting all over the trail, stomping holes into the trail, I wish they had their own riding zones they was us bikers do. They're unpredictable animals no matter how perfect their riders think they are, they're taken into high traffic areas recklessly. Theres arguments on both sides I understand, but I will never be a fan until I am up in the high wilderness hunting for game. Anyway I cranked out a lap and was going to call it a day but I got more motivate and rode two laps. It was beautiful out, the sun felt so good and warm on my skin, my legs were beat and tired and have been lately. There were wild flowers everywhere and really made quite the ride hence the ride title on strava. Another wet week is going to make rides tough, looks like friday morning might be my last shot for the week.

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