Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tuesday Night

       Got out for some time Tuesday evening, I was so glad to be getting another ride so early in the week and I would need to since wet weather was on the way. It was crazy windy going up the dirt road with a fierce head wind but once I got closer to the Canyon there was hardly a breeze. I was unsure of what loop to do with my 2 hour rip. I found my way to Canyon Hollow and headed for the top on a very very nice day for a ride. The sun was mostly blotted out for the sunset but still got some alpenglow. Once at the top I opted for Rush, I was feeling like getting loose, Rush is pretty good but I want to go much faster on that trail, I feel that way a lot, like I can't get as much speed on a trail as I want to and thats due to trail construction not me. After a solid run down Rush I wish I had taken maple Hollow, with an hour left I wrapped around potato hill and up Ann's. With options for a descent I went for Rattler to shoreline to Orson Smith DH. Nice couple rides on the full suspension in the last week, its nice to be able to push the bike full throttle for the most part but I do love my rigid!

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