Tuesday, April 7, 2015

       Got out on Landons nap time and had plans for something different since I end up at Corner Canyon so often due to it's proximity to my house. The Little Cottonwood Quarry trail is another trail that has a special place in my heart, a real classic from my early days in Utah. It is a pretty bland trail that has about 3.5 miles up rocky wide sand dirt and gravel trail. There are two trails off the side of it that make a good technical descent and then a fast one down what you rode up. Climbing I could not help but think of 8 years ago when I was cranking up the trail on my hard tail. The river was running low, crazy low for April but running none the less I guess. The sound of rushing water the entire ride was somewhat relaxing. The ride up was not very strenuous as it climbs a little over 1,000 ft. I was excited for the ride down and took the first shot off to the left and found myself conquering all my suspensions travel, again this flimsy wheeled 130mm was just enough to get the job done. Back on the main trail and now onto the right side and forgot how there were some good technical spot I really enjoyed. There were some gap jumps but they were extremely tight landings and was not worth my effort not landing them perfectly this trip. I ran down the rest of the trail the way I came up, it was fun, real fun, real loose I swore I was getting a flat or my wheel was loose the entire descent but I guess it's just the soil type. I went right back up once I was done for round two, legs a little dented but ambitions high for two hours of riding. It all went down without a hitch, bunch of fun and glad I got away from Corner Canyon.

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