Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back To Herriman

   Landon went back to school on Thursday, I had an hour to kill so I figured why not do it on my bike. Travel time is around 10 minutes so it would give me about 30 minutes to ride. I wasn't all too excited to get back to riding Herriman but thankful for it's proximity to Landon's school to offer up rides. Getting back on trail after a 3 months break from this area it had not changed, maybe drier than it has ever been since in NEVER rains here in Utah. I headed out on the normal loop and half way through got put on a re route trail, slightly confused as to if they added trail I took a fork and ended up in a sandy wash. Back up to where I began and ready to explore but short on time I could see a jump trial off to my right, turns out they built a wimpy little jump trail. I wanted to try it out obviously but my direction was wrong and I did not have the time. The next trip maybe I will give it a go, it looked hardly worth it but I guess any change can be welcomed.

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