Friday, September 25, 2015

Park City

   Man Park City never ever disappoints, started at the base of the ski resort taking Jenni's up to Mid Mountain. I was surprised to find the morning so warm as I started in darkness. I love watching the sky grow from black to navy blue until the sun happily arises over the Uintas. I had different plans but felt lazy and wanted miles so hit Mid Mountain and went south to Deer Valley. Around bend I caught a male moose quite close. Up ahead a female moose I am sure he was stalking her as the rut is just around the corner. I love moose they are majestic animals and while I was nervous he just watched me as he moved slowly away from me but still too close for comfort. He was making these throat noises, little whooos. Neither were budging until after 5 minutes it came to the point where I had to throw sticks near them to startle them to move. Still not far away enough I floored in in between them and escaped unscathed. I was loving this ride, a really really nice ride along the aspens.  Not many more of these left. As I tore down Deer Camp I came across a Momma moose and her Calf, a very very unnerving sight. Her hair was raised on her back which meant I mess you up if you get near. Again they lazily blocked the trail as I waited peacefully until then again needed to rustle around them to get them to move. I think the Park City Moose fear very little, people not being one of them since Park City is full of them, They know exactly what I am on my bike and think little of it. 

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