Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Deer Valley you delight

   Set off on a good one, started in the darkness of morning and headed for a creative figure eight of Deer Valley Trails. It was weird to drive up and over Guardsman and not be riding the Crest but it was a nice ride avoiding I80. I arrived and started at Mid Mountain and then up Team Big Bear and onto some other trails so I could access Tidal Wave. It's about as it sounds for a description, a wave of one after the other line of wide easy jumps. I love this trail, nice to access and easy enough for a rigid or a full suspension. Lucky for me they finished the trail so it was 3x as long than last time I rode it. So much fun blasting down it catching air, would love to really charge it hard next time since I was still very reserved. Came Across moose after moose on this trip, the first three was when I came around corner to find a momma and two calves, not a comforting sight to see just 20 yards in front of you but they were happy to run off into the meadows and I was on my merry way. Another Bull moose in the distance from them made for a count of 4 for the morning. I love moose, I think they're cool. Another Bull later on as I rode up Boulder, another switchbacking uphill trail. This trail I never rode before, it was a nice way back up the hill to head to TG. I missed a few turns but had a mighty fun time down various trails until it was time to head back for the car to get home at a decent time. Not many Park City rides left, maybe 2-4 just depends on my ambition and time I guess. No pics of this ride, got deleted somehow.

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