Friday, September 25, 2015

One More Please

    Was scheduled for a backpack trip with my lovely wife but the morning before I had just one more ride to get in to reach my 50 miles for the week. Looking for something different but close, I started at the Hidden Valley Park. Now that the bridge on shoreline trail is in place this section has some tough sections but not the hike a bike it use to. I got my Serfs light replaced and I ma still having issues, looks like it will go back to them one more time. It really sucks to be battling a bike light since I rely very much on it working. Anyway this one started in the darkness of morning of course, a quick ride as I mixed it up and was trying something new. I headed for the equestrian center and looked for a trail that showed on a map but was completely grown in from no use. Luckily later down the road I picked up a faint trail that eventually lead me to the golf course on Mike Weir. The ride was nothing special but still cool to find trails I have not ridden after many many rides in Corner Canyon. It was soon good to be back on my Trek, I think ZI can stop missing my belltown frame a little.

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