Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yellow Fork Butt Whoop

  Landon started school back up so I am looking for other options than the standard Herriman loop. I have ventured into Yellow Fork area once before and missed a vital turn but still had a good ride. This time I was back for vengeance with more knowledge and looking forward to new trails. From the beginning there was horse crap everywhere, adding to my despise for horse back owners. It was a pretty comfy ride was I climbed up and made my right turn this time. It soon got steep and narrow and I began hiking, lack of ambition and drive I walked happily along the stormy aspen fall filled forest. The ground was incredibly tacky as I walked for longer than expected but finally reached some trail to ride and welcoming sunshine, made for quite the view as I could see down into the valley. A short run down some double track and then dropped onto some sweet sweet single track. Really fun run down the the junction and I was done for the day. Not sure I will be back, the climb was brutal, maybe gears would be the way to go next time. Had a little time to ride the skatepark, pretty fun but scary on a 29er


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